10:15 A.M. Sunday Service

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Sunday morning at 9:00 AM is our adult Sunday School class.  This class focuses on an in depth study of a topic serving to take you deeper, and is meant to help you grow in your understanding and faith.  

Current Class

Christ in the Commandments

Christ is the soul of the law.  “For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.” (Romans 10:4)  What Paul meant by “end” is purpose or design. Meaning that Jesus is the ultimate object intended to be reached through the vehicle of the law. That is what we hope to see in our study: Christ in the Commandments. Furthermore, we will see that the ten commandments are one part of God’s law, the moral law, which was not put away when the gospel was ushered in.  The law was designed for the happiness of the Christian, and therefore is our constant companion.  The judicial and ceremonial laws of Israel (which were also designed to display Christ) are not of the same nature as the moral law.  They regulated the political and religious life of the nation Israel, but when the full Sun of Righteousness appeared, their shadows faded to give place to Christ. 

Concerning the moral law, we will discover it’s three uses: the civil, evangelical, and directive. Concerning the commandments themselves, we will seek to understand how they guide the Christian and constantly push us back to the sufficiency of Jesus Christ since no one can ever obey the law perfectly in this life.