10:15 A.M. Sunday Service

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Sunday morning at 9:00 AM is our adult Sunday School class.  This class focuses on an in depth study of a topic serving to take you deeper, and is meant to help you grow in your understanding and faith.  

Current Class

Sunday School is currently on break. In its place, beginning May 6 and running for 9 weeks, will be a New Member's Class. This class is designed to help you know what we believe, and gives you the opportunity to test what we believe against Scripture.

Session 1: Overview of Our Philosophy of Ministry
Session 2: The Importance of Sound Doctrine
Session 3: The Sovereignty and Glory of God
Session 4: The Five Points Pt. 1
Session 5: The Five Points Pt. 2
Session 6: Covenant Theology
Session 7: The Romans 14 Way
Session 8: What is Church Discipline?
Session 9: The Importance of Covenanting with a Church and its Privileges