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Small Group: Anxiety: The Biblical Cure

Small Group Anxiety the Biblical Cure image

Every Tuesday until March 27, 2018

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: 10367 W Dason Drive, Boise, ID 83704

Category: Group Meetings | Coordinator: Shawn Cope

The Biblical cure for anxiety is not a ten-step, self improvement, mind-over-matter program. The Biblical cure for anxiety will change you in more ways than you can even

THE GOOD NEWS: Christians throughout the ages have struggled with stress, from Psalmists to Jeremiah to John Bunyan to Charles Spurgeon. You are not alone.

THE BETTER NEWS: There is a Biblical cure. Jesus is fully aware that we struggle with anxiety and He graciously preached a sermon just for the anxious Christian.

THE BEST NEWS: God will give you the power to overcome your anxiety. God has given us His Holy Spirit precisely for this struggle.

For more information, contact Shawn Cope.

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